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The Definition of BonaFide is “Authentic, sincere or without artifice” BonaFide, the group, dishes out music that is “genuine & real” from organic instruments and no special effects. It is the result of Vocalist Paula Harris and Bassist Mike Frost, both musicians with Jazz backgrounds and a love & appreciation of Soul, Funk & Blues. These two powerhouses have come together with the goal to create world-class original music and imaginative covers. The group, which offers formats from six to eight pieces, sprang from the first time Paula Harris (vocalist), and Mike Frost (bass) worked together. The chemistry was so blatant, they immediately began working on arrangements. The result is both from-the-heart and crafted to be top-shelf. The group offers the technical precision & complexity of Jazz meshed with the passion of Soul & Blues and at times, the driving grooves of Funk. BonaFide offers a blend of all the genres they can perform or genre specific setlists of "Jazz, Blues, Dance, or Holiday" music. The result is not only approachable with broad appeal, In the words of Hazen Bannister (Music professor and founding member of “The Swinging Medallions”) it is “Next Level” This is a group other musicians come out to hear. The formula of mixing several of the Great American Music genres is one trail-blazing acts and groups like “Stuff”(Eric Gale, Steve Gadd, Richard Tee, Cornell Dupree and Gordon Edwards) in the seventies, Anita Baker in the eighties and more recently “Post Modern Jukebox” have adopted with great success. With BonaFide, The motto of “It’s not the song, it’s the players” holds true. The grooves are danceable but mindful enough to engage those who prefer to simply listen. BonaFide is, simply put, great music from musicians at the top of their game. This act cannot be put into a box. Their appeal is the manner in which they make the borders that exist between genres, disappear. BonaFide is sophisticated fresh and fun!.

BONFIDE...a NEW kind of band.

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To See a sample of our music click the link below to see some of our set at this year's Fall For Greenville